My creative desire is to capture and put into 3 dimensional form my transient flashes of inspiration. I use various styles intentionally to describe emotion and messages of the vision I wish to portray. I attempt to emphasize what is most essential to me in each piece. Then, I give form to it in the most appropriate style and medium, then transfer it to more permanent medium such as bronze. I don’t feel comfortable with any one particular style. I feel I would be contained by that and unable to communicate properly with viewer. The most important thing to me is to have the freedom of my own tone with a particular subject and not to be restricted by previous expression or predetermined approach. The art I create is as much a part of discovery in craftsmanship as it is to explore the extent of my subject.


In 1973, born in Chiba, Japan.

In 1998, Bachelor of Arts at University of Central Oklahoma.

Invitation & Juried show

  • 8/24/’02-10/13/’02
  “International Art Competition” at Art Center Waco ,TX
  • 10/24/’02-11/24’02
  “Faces V” at Period Gallery, Omaha NE
  • 10/5/’02-1/5/’03  
”Miniatures/2002″ at The Albuquerque Museum, NM
  • 11/15/’02-12/31/’02  
”The Crucible Gallery Exhibition” at The Crucible Gallery, OK
  • 11/23/’02-1/3/’03
  “A cerebration of Asian Culture” at Kirkpatrick Gallery, OK
  • 05/27/’03-6/29/’03  
”5th Annual Face to Face:2003″ at the STAGE Gallery, NY
  • 03/28/09-04/30/’09
  “VISION MAKERS” at SIX 11 creative, OKC,OK
  • 11/11/’11-12/30/’11   “CURRENTS” at Le studio 5 Norman,OK
  • 5/11/’12-6/2/’12  “EDGE ART NOW 2012” at IAO Gallery OKC,OK

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